Alistratis cave is one of the biggest caves in Europe. Its impressive decoration includes, apart from enormous stalactites and stalagmites in various colourations, the rare eccentrites. The eccentrites or helictites are rare formations that are formed defying the laws of gravity, following irregular routes. The main characteristic of this cave, which makes it one of its kind in Greece- is the wide variety of eccetrites. It is also characterized by unique microscopic organisms (3 mm) that are found inside, such as Alistratia Beroni; a unique kind of isopode.

The accessible routes are 3 km long. The cave, along with four more caves, belongs to Aggitis River’s Gorge. Alistratis Cave is 6 km in the southwest from Alistrati town in Serres, located on the site of Petroto and it is accessible from Drama and Kavala, as well as from Thessaloniki (via Serres or Asprovalta). It is been preserved and it’s been visitable since 1998
Aggitis River Gorge is in close proximity to the artificial entrance of the cave.